The Mood Shift
Does it feel like you’ve got no control over your mood? 

… Like when your kids or partner are feeling cranky, you feel that way too?
… Like one crappy moment can ruin your whole morning — or even your whole day?
… And like you’ve got no way to climb out of a funk, once you’ve slid into one?

If you’re nodding your head right now, keep reading — this is for you!


So many of us think that our mood and mindset are like leaves blowing in the wind — completely out of our control, and at the mercy of the currents around us.

It’s that feeling when your partner comes home in a bad mood, and WHOOSH — they blow the positivity right out of your sails, and suddenly you’re in a foul mood too.

Or your kid has a meltdown, and WHOOSH — your energy leaks out of you like a burst balloon, leaving you flat and deflated.

Or maybe it’s a traffic jam, or a spilled coffee, or a triggering conversation with your mum... whatever it is, *something* happens and you’re left feeling like crap. 

And there’s nothing you can do about it, right? You’ve just got to wait ‘til the storm passes, and hope you eventually feel better again… right?

Actually, no!

Can I share a truthbomb with you, that took me nearly four decades to figure out?

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You can shift your own mood and mindset whenever you want.

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Just like you can twist the dials of a radio to change its frequency, you can use specific tools and strategies to twist your dials and change your frequency.

Which means you can deliberately and intentionally choose how you want to feel (calmer, happier, lighter, whatever) and then, once you know how, follow a series of steps to start feeling that way, like, instantly.


‘Ummmm what???!!’

I’d spent almost my ENTIRE life thinking I had no control over my mood, and being completely reactive to whatever was going on around me... I thought that was just how life worked!

When I finally figured out that I was in control of my own headspace, and (more importantly) when I finally figured out HOW to actually shift my mood, holy cannoli — it was like a lightbulb going off…

 ‘You mean I can change how I feel whenever I want?! You mean I don’t need to get triggered all the time, or spend a week feeling like crap?! WTF, how have I not known this for 40 years?!!’

This stuff was so game-changing for me, I knew I had to share it. 

So I set about gathering together the most potent, fast-acting tools and techniques I could find — sourced from my own experience, and from the experts, mentors and holistic practitioners I’ve worked with along the way — and putting them together into a short course, so that other women could reclaim control of their headspace too...

The Mood Shift
Learn how to shift your mood on demand and feel better FAST with this 60-minute online short course.
This powerful short course includes a 60-minute video training and workbook, walking you through the EXACT process of shifting your mood and reclaiming responsibility for your life and happiness, so that other people no longer determine how YOU feel.
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The EXACT steps you need to shift your mood fast (no wishy washy stuff, and nothing time consuming — it’s all simple, practical and doable)


Instant access — so you can be using the techniques in minutes


Watch on your phone or device, any time, any place


Lifetime access (all materials are yours for the lifetime of the program)

With The Mood Shift, you’ll learn how to shift your mood whenever you want
by focusing on two key elements — Energy and Responsibility:
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How to reset your energy when the sh!t hits the fan and you need a fresh start


How to flick your motivation on like a light switch (so that setbacks and stress no longer derail you, and YOU are in control of your destiny)


How to stop feeling like a victim or passenger in your own life (including how to stop letting your kids / partner / mother-in-law dictate your mood, how to stop feeling resentful, and how to stop being so reactive)


How to take radical responsibility for your own life and bust through the excuses that have been keeping you stuck. [INCLUDES: handy template to dismantle and reframe your excuses]


How to intentionally manufacture the mood you want. (Want to feel relaxed? Happy? Carefree? Feminine? Dip into your new toolkit, and create that exact mood ASAP.)

“Listened to the Energy and Responsibility training yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!! That session was so jam packed with gold… Thanks Lisa!”

Myrneen McIntosh

“Lisa, I’ve listened to so many of your talks and I really think that this is the best ever. Really beautiful… I feel like I’ve got my money’s worth already just from that 1 session… xx”

Jacqui Oulton


You’re short on time (at only 60 minutes long, this short course is a great way to get quick wins and see fast results)


You’re worried about how reactive you are (and would like to nip this in the bud, stat)


You feel like you live and die based on the moods of the people around you


When you spiral into a crappy headspace, it can take you DAYS to shift that yucky energy


You’d love to have a set of reliable techniques to use, to help you feel good FAST whenever you need a boost

For a limited time only, get access to The Mood Shift
at the exclusive early-bird price

 The Mood Shift
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“These days, when I’m in a crappy mood, it lasts for minutes. It doesn’t ruin my whole morning.”

This is what one of our members said to me recently, after going through the short course, and it’s such a perfect description...

Because let’s be real: having these tools does NOT mean you’ll never feel sad, cranky or snappy ever again. All those things are part of being human (and we’re all human here!).

What it DOES mean is that when those shitty moments strike, you’ve got options. You’ve got a method to reliably lift yourself up, when you’re ready.

You’ll also be able to swiftly identify what’s YOUR stuff to shift, and what’s not. 

So yeah, things like a global pandemic might be out of your control, and might be really impacting your headspace (it’s certainly impacted mine!). But with these tools up your sleeve, you’ve got somewhere to turn for simple shifts and quick wins that you *know* will help you climb up the ladder, out of your funk, and make you feel more empowered.

And that’s one of the most important takeaways that our members get from this short course: realising that they’re so much more powerful than they ever realised. Because they are — so powerful.

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 And lady, so are you!

“Seriously Lisa, I smiled, I laughed, there were tears but mostly continuous nodding of the head, every.single.word resonated! I am SO grateful to have found you and excited beyond words to get started! Thank you x”

Sarah Levene

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With our 30-day guarantee, it’s risk free to join.

Join now, give the short course a shot, and if — by the end of the 30 days — it hasn’t helped you feel more in control of your mood and headspace, we’ll refund your money. Simply email my team ( and we’ll process your refund as soon as possible.

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“The Mood Shift had so much gold and life changing tools!”

Melanie Stevens

“I am totally inspired and bursting out of my skin to get more into this. Totally life changing already.”

Carmody Lowry

“Just wanted to say thank you. I power through life secretly proud of my capacity to “eat work” at work and at home. Then every few months I fall in a heap (emotionally and physically) and become resentful of a lovely husband who doesn’t fix all my problems for me and complain about all my responsibilities. Eventually my mood lifts and I start the race all over again, and whilst I was vaguely aware of this cycle I wasn’t taking any responsibility for it — I was playing the victim but I so didn’t think I was any type of victim. Serious lesson learnt — major lightbulb moment and so grateful.

Tricia Bolton

Less triggered, more happy...
How you feel is in your hands.

With The Mood Shift, you’ll get access to a complete set of tools that let you shift your state on demand, even when you’re feeling lousy, stressed, and unmotivated.

And with instant access, you can be intentionally changing the way you feel in minutes.

 The Mood Shift
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Disclaimer: None of the information on this page or within the program should be construed as or take the place of medical advice. If you require professional help, please seek it out. This program will always be here for you when you’re ready.

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